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Loft Types

This page is about the different kinds of lofts you can have as your Bristol loft conversion.

Loft Conversion Types Diagram

Dormer Loft

A dormer loft conversion is especially a good idea if the existing space is not sufficient for what the aims and objectives of the project are, for example some lofts require an en suite, what happens with a dormer conversion is the roof is expanded upwards to create additional headroom and the wall is extended upwards into the roof, dormer conversions are popular with people looking for a practical way to maximise their loft space.

Gable Conversion

Gable lofts are highly popular amongst people wanting to realise the maximum amount of space from their loft conversion, this type of loft can double the amount of usable space in an existing loft and enables additional space for a staircase to be fitted, a good choice for people with big plans for their Bristol loft.

Velux Loft

A velux loft conversion is generally considered to be the least disruptive, simplest and least hassle type of loft. Often this kind of conversion won’t require planning permission however we advise you either check with us OR your local authority. These are good for single bedrooms and more simplistic loft projects where maximal possible space isn’t the main priority.

Mansard Lofts

A mansard loft is another option for those wanting to maximise usable headspace on a loft. They can either be front or back and are versatile and can be used on most types of properties.

Ask our advice in relation to planning permission for any of these loft types.

Simple loft diagram showing the four mentioned loft types:

Loft Conversion Types Diagram