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Bristol Open Plan Attic Conversion

One choice in particular for some people is a more open plan style attic conversion, this usually involves the interior of the Bristol loft space being as open as possible like in the image below.

Open Plan Bristol Loft Conversion

As you can see with the above image open plan attic conversions are possible, some people choose to have a broader, clearer space in their attic that they can then use as either a study, a reading room, yoga room, home gym, observatory, or another use not mentioned here that would require them to have an open space.

One major advantage of having an open space in the loft is that it generally requires marginally less work to put this in place, mostly due to the fact there is very little furniture to assemble and very few bespoke features or additions to be added, making the project more straightforward and easier to accomplish.

Will An Open Plan Bristol Loft Conversion Still Add Value To My Home?

Of course! A loft conversion whether it is open plan or not will certainly add a significant amount of value to your home due to the fact you are adding in increased space into your property, if you add in increased usable space into your home you are essentially extending your home, if you are extending your home you are increasing the value of it, enough said.

Will I Need Planning Permission For An Open Plan Loft?

No. Having an open plan structure for your Bristol loft will require no further planning permission than usual, the open plan area is more to do with the interior of the loft space and thus does not have any real bearing on the exterior whatsoever, so this basically wouldn’t matter when it comes to issues of planning permission.

If you would like an open plan loft space in the Bristol area or surrounding area get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote (same if your project is not an open plan project – we handle all types of attic conversions).