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Bristol Loft Conversions – Free Quotation & Consultation With An Expert Engineer

We Offer Quality Loft Conversions In Bristol & Surrounding Areas.

More About Our Bristol Loft Conversion Service:

Expert Building Professionals (CSCS Accredited Builders) – Very important as you want to be sure that your builders are qualified and able.

Full Service Bristol Loft Conversions Company – We can take your project from A all the way through to Z, meaning we can take you from the “This is just an idea” phase of proceedings, all the way through to “look at our beautiful, completed loft conversion” phase.

Our Team Can Handle All Aspects From The Design To The Paint Job & Everything In Between.

Are you at the stage of needing an architect? No problem we can help with that.
Are you at the stage of considering your options and ideas? We can provide inspiration.
Do you need drawings written up? We can draw them.
Need help with planning permission? We can help with that too.
Want inspiration from your project or to see a portfolio of previous works? We can provide that too.

We are a full service design and build loft conversions company based in Bristol servicing Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Here is a quick video (Time Lapse) of the construction of a basic loft conversion with a dormer (Just hit the play button to view)

Looking for ideas & Inspiration? Here are 100 ideas for attic rooms (Just press play to view the video)

Customer orientated dedicated service

Fully trained and qualified team of professionals all qualified to all the necessary United Kingdom government requirements.

Our firm recognized the demand in Bristol for Loft conversions and decided to dedicate a specific department to this Bristol Loft conversion service to maintain our customer orientated approach to all the projects undertaken.

We have further designated a specialists Bristol loft conversion project manager to supervise, oversee, manage our highly trained, skilled and qualified team of professionals.

Building Regulations

What are Building Regulations?

They are a list of requirements that have been specifically formulated to ensure minimum standards for health, safety, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency, sustainability and to also ensure misuse is prevented. Further ensuring abuse or contamination of water supplies cannot take place. Building regulations have been designed by the government to ensure any extensions or alterations to a home have been carried out with the above list of requirements, covering all aspects of the construction from foundations to damp proofing, insulation, ventilation and heating.

The relevance of the building regulations is to certify that our Loft conversion Bristol service has completed the loft conversion project meeting all of the government regulated necessary.

Our Process For Your Bristol Loft

We offer a very straightforward simple easy process to keep in with our customer orientated Loft conversions Bristol service. Our process is literally a 5 stage process to ensure we manage to meet all of our client’s requirements for all of our loft conversions in Bristol.

1. Book in time with our specialist assessor, for your free consultation, at an agreed mutually convenient time.

2. Specialist assessor will visit you, our potential client, at the location of the site, proposed for the loft conversion in Bristol, where our specialist assessor will engage with you, in a detailed discussion related to your expectations and exact requirements for the project, taking into account the exact end use for the essential extra living space, taking the time to understand your budgetary limitations and the expected time scale for completion. Further, once understanding the exact end use for the extra living space proposed, suggesting ideas to make it as comfortable and functional as possible. Our assessor would also go through in detail the best way to achieve your goals for this extra living space, indicating the most efficient way to meet your specific requirements.

3. Once our services have been contracted, our firm will assign a specialist project manager to oversee, supervise and manage the highly skilled team of professionals and also liaise directly with you, our valued customer, providing updates on progress as often as you deem necessary. Being fully available to you throughout the entire project to provide that essential peace of mind, this being an essential part of our customer orientated service we are so proud to offer.

4. Our designated project manager would then start work on the project with his team of fully trained and qualified professionals to produce that essential extra living space, commissioned by you, our valued client. Our team of professionals would start work on each of their assigned tasks:

Construction specialist – fully trained and qualified to all necessary government requirements would construct any partitions and would install the necessary insulations required by law.

Window specialists – fully qualified to all necessary government standards, for double glazing fensa certified, would fit any windows required.

Electrical engineers– fully trained and qualified with the necessary government required qualifications would ensure the necessary power supply is installed in the loft space, along with fitting the necessary lighting fixtures and appliances.

Plumbing technicians – fully trained and qualified to the necessary government requirements as dictated by United Kingdom legislation, would ensure water supply would be connected to the loft space and further fitting any sanitary units necessary. Installing radiators where necessary.

Flooring specialists, all qualified to the necessary governmental standards, would install the necessary flooring to the loft space. From wooden, to tiles or even carpeting, whichever is chosen by you our valued client.

Stairway specialists– all qualified to the necessary governmental standards dictated by United Kingdom law, would erect the type of stairs specified by you, for access to the loft space

Plasterers, painters and decorators– all qualified to the required governmental standards would create the types of finish required to the lofts walls and ceiling, then recreating the theme dictated by you, our valued client in terms of colourways and textures

Joiner– qualified to the required governmental standards dictated by United Kingdom law, would construct the doorframes and doors required within the loft space.

Our specialist project manager would be overseeing and supervising each aspect of this loft space project ensuring that all the necessary standards are met.

Loft space project completed- ready for occupancy.
The biggest benefit of using our firm to make your loft space usable and inhabitable is our customer orientated service we have ensured we have brought to each loft space project undertaken.
How Long Will It Take You To Complete My Loft Conversion?

This depends on the complexity and difficulty of the project, larger scale project usually take longer to complete, a standard loft conversion will take several weeks, however that is as specific as we can be with a potential client before viewing the property itself.

We are “sticklers for details” and insist that the property is given a full and accurate assessment before we quote for a project, but no need to worry, the assessments are relatively quick and painless & are designed to “put you in the picture” to manage your expectations properly before you make any decisions about structural amendments to your property.

Loft conversions in Bristol generally take no longer specifically than any other area in the United Kingdom, so there is no need to worry about specific issues relating to that area, the only potential issue would be something that is specific to the property itself, usually these can be resolved and issues are rare to begin with, you would be notified at the time of assessment as to whether or not there would be an issue.
Handling All Aspects Of Your Loft Conversion In Bristol

Our builders can handle all aspects of loft conversion including but not limited to the following:

Window Fitting
Carpet Fitting
Wood Varnishing
Interior design (as needed)
Furniture Assembly
Roof Tiling

& All other elements involved in home expansion.

Types Of Loft Conversion In Bristol

Mansard Loft Conversions

These are conversions that can be used for a variety of different properties, commonly used on terraced housing, it involves the loft being expanded at the front of the property with increased space being made available at the upper quadrant of the house that usually looks almost like a tortoise shell being added to the upper front.

Example Mansard Conversion:
Bristol Mansard Loft Conversion

Dormer Loft Conversions

A dormer loft conversion is a more traditional looking loft expansion with the house being built upward and a new area being built onto the top of the property enabling a wall to expand through the ceiling and additional windows being added where the roof used to be situated, dormer conversions can be built onto most houses and are very common.

Example Dormer Conversion:

Bristol Dormer Loft Conversions

Velux Loft Conversion

Usually a velux conversion is when there is no space built out from the existing roof, this is when the existing space is built upon with no adjustment to the roof-line, meaning there is no visible extension from the outside other than the velux windows, these conversions are highly versatile & can fit many different size & spaced areas.

Bristol Velux Loft Conversion

What Are The Usual Price Ranges For Bristol Loft Conversions?

Again this will be dependent on the results of the assessment, there is no accurate way to predict what the costs may be without looking at the property first, however, as a general rule of thumb a conversion could cost anything from £20,000 to £28,000 (broad range) or even more such as up to £40,000 if there are specialist requirements or if the property is larger scale than other types of property. As stated previously the only accurate assessment of cost comes from the accurate assessment of the property, which our experts carry out for you, free of charge.

Also during the point of consultation, our builders can answer any additional queries you may have in relation to the build, we are able and happy to help you.

Our engineers and builders are highly experienced in all aspects of loft conversion & have worked extensively in the bristol area.

In order to arrange a free assessment and receive an accurate quotation, feel free to get in touch with us using the online form to the upper right hand side of the page.

Will My Bristol Loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Generally speaking loft conversions (in Bristol or otherwise) usually come under “permitted development” however if there are features about the loft expansion that come outside of the existing footprint of the house in terms of elevation or if the conversion has features that could be objectionable by the closely residing public, this could be cause for enquiry with the planning authority, however generally speaking no planing permission would be required for a loft conversion in Bristol.

What Is Different About Bristol Loft Conversions Than Other Areas?

Usually residential areas of Bristol are quite “built up” as Bristol is the 8th most highly populated city in Britain.

Bristol is a vibrant city that offers a lot of opportunity for the development of property, loft conversions is one of many opportunities for the development of your home.

This poses no issue to any loft conversion projects & is no problem to our builders, we are able and happy to work with you in constructing the perfect loft space for you.