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Bespoke, High End, Luxury Loft Conversions In Bristol

Looking for something out of the ordinary? A Luxury Loft? Bespoke Building Work? High End Lofts?

Looking for the highest quality workmanship for your loft space and you’re not sure the best company to choose to handle a luxury loft conversion for you?

You’ve just landed on the right page – we’ve handled deluxe (high end) loft conversion projects for a range of customers in the Bristol area and surrounding areas and we have built up a portfolio of successful projects over a period of time that any company in Bristol or beyond would be proud of.

Our previous successful bespoke loft conversion case studies:

Julie and phil came to us some time ago in need of something special, they were looking for a large-scale hip to gable loft conversion with a difference, all furniture was bespoke as were the light fixtures and fittings, we created a spectacular loft space for the happy couple and they were exceptionally pleased with the work we carried out for them, they gave the following comments after the work had been carried out.

“Bristol Conversions are a company with a focus on quality and professionalism, they completed our luxury loft conversion in good time and the price was right, we just knew they were the right people to carry our project forward straight from the beginning, they were warm, friendly, knowledgeable and professional from the outset.”

Needless to say we were exceptionally happy with our feedback from Phil and Julie, there have also been other case studies, one where we handled a more standard loft conversion but with specialist elements, here is a photo so you can see for yourself:

Bespoke, Luxury Converted Loft

As you can see from the image, it was necessary to have a home cinema installed into the loft itself, we thrive on projects of this nature and we strive to provide all our customers with the best possible service in building their luxury attic conversion, at the right price.

These are just two examples of previous projects we have handled for people looking for “that bit extra” from their home extension, however if we were to arrange a free, no obligation quotation we would be happy to show you more of our previous projects so you can see some of the work we have handled for previous clients.

Does It Impact The Amount Of Time It Takes To Complete The Loft Conversion?

It is a possibility that the turnaround time of the completed attic conversion may be affected by the requirements of the project itself (especially if those requirements are particularly rigorous and out of the ordinary), however this does not present us with a problem, we are happy to take on bespoke projects with all requirements, however awkward or demanding.

Will A Luxury Or Bespoke Loft Cost Me More Than A More Standard Attic Conversion?

This is also a strong possibility, however we find that individuals whom have more bespoke requirements would imagine there would be a difference in cost and see this as a worthy investment, we are confident you will be impressed by our professionalism and skills and we charge prices that are fair and representative of the work required (for more details on cost, feel free to request a quote at the top of the page).

Will A Luxury Or Bespoke Loft Add More Value To A Property Than A Normal Loft Conversion?

This is also likely, bespoke features tend to add an increased amount of value to a property over and above the normal figure of around 20%, exactly how much this value would be is another matter however, and something that is challenging to estimate without knowing the particular details and requirements of the project (get in touch with us to tell us more).

For a free, no obligation quote for your loft, get in touch now at the top of the page – we’d be delighted to hear from you.