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Advantages Of A Dormer Loft Instead Of Other Types Of Loft

Different loft types have different types of both advantages and disadvantages, each type of loft conversion has it’s stronger points over others, here we will explain some of the advantages of having a dormer loft conversion as opposed to other kinds of loft.

In Bristol in particular, loft conversions have really taken off as a popular choice for people wishing to invest in home improvement, however the dormer loft in particular has shown itself to be the most popular choice, here are some of the primary advantages of dormer loft conversions instead of other types of loft.

1) Dormer lofts expand and maximise the amount of space in the loft with minimal fuss, case in point:

Dormer Loft Example Bristol

As you can see with this particularly cool example of a dormer loft, it expands and maximises the roof-space very directly and it is not a particularly complex structure.

2) Aesthetics – Dormer attic conversion is a fantastic way to increase the space in your home in a way in which you can be sure (with good planning) will look great on your roof, some people say “it completes the look of a property”. Homes’ with dormer lofts’ often look spectacular:

Spectacular Dormers'

3) It increases the internal potential – you can do more with a loft that has more available space, and the dormer in particular not only allows more space but it also allows a lot more natural light as shown in this image:

Dormer allowing natural light (bristol)

The dormer protrudes from the roof line enabling tons’ of natural light into the property.

Overall each type of loft conversion has it’s advantages, velux conversions for example are very straightforward in comparison to mansard loft conversions that tend to be quite complex due to extensive changes in the roof structure (although mansard conversions offer a great solution for people with terraced homes).

4) Dormer lofts also don’t tend to take as long to complete as opposed to other forms of loft, a hip to gable or a mansard will generally take slightly longer than a dormer loft, which is another thing to keep in mind when considering which type of attic conversion to choose for your home.

5) Dormers’ tend to be more conventional looking types of loft, for example mansard conversions are often described as strange looking due to the fact they are an unexpected shape and they are a less common choice from people looking for ways to expand upward.

It is advisable to have a serious think before making any choices on home extensions, as these types of home improvement can be very permanent (they can be very awkward to adjust once built as you may imagine!)

When you have an idea of which loft type you would like to be added to your property we would be delighted to hear from you, or even if you wish to share ideas we can be available for that.

If you would like further details in relation to dormer lofts or other kinds of attic conversion, feel free to contact us for a free quote or assessment.