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Great Ideas For Loft Conversions For Your Bristol Home

March 19, 2017

There is an increase in demand for loft conversions across the United Kingdom, one area in particular where there is a “boom” in demand for loft conversions (attic conversions) building services is the city of Bristol and the surrounding areas.

There are many different themes and ideas that people have in mind for their loft conversion.


Bedroom Loft Conversions

Many people in the city of Bristol choose to have an extra bedroom installed in the new loft space. This can be a wise decision as it adds significant value to a property once the time comes to sell it.

Example Of A Bedroom Loft Conversion:

Bedroom Loft Conversion Example

Another option is:

Bathroom & bedroom loft conversion (otherwise known as “bedroom with en suite bathroom (loft conversion)”)

These are also highly popular and significantly increase the value of a home once added.

Example of an En suite conversion:

En suite loft conversion

These can be spectacular once finished and can really contribute to the salability of a property.

Study Attic Conversion:

Some people like the idea of having a study or home office in their loft space.

These can be great for anyone with children that are studying for school, college or university, for people who work from home or generally anyone in need of a space to study or just sit and read.

Study Loft conversions

Games room attic conversions:

Some people have different priorities and would rather have a leisure space in their loft, some people want a place to relax, hang out and play games.

Example of a Games Room Loft conversion:

Games Room Loft Conversions

Kids play room Loft Conversion:

Some people choose to build a play space for their children, electing to have a “kids play room” installed in their loft, for an example of this see below:

Kids Play room loft conversion

This kind of loft conversion is great not only if you have a family, but if your home is a family home and you wish to sell the home in future to a family, this will help to sell the property because it increases the appeal.

On rare occaisions some people even choose to have a kitchen installed in their loft.

Example of a Kitchen loft:

Kitchen Loft Conversions

These (although rare) can often come out looking spectacular if there is a good robust design (not to mention here at Bristol conversions we can also help you with design services).

Kitchen lofts typically feature an eating area as well where guests can eat in a light and airy environment (particularly good in the summer time).

Should you decide you need loft conversion building services or would like to discuss a possible project feel free to get in touch with us at the homepage here Bristol Conversions.

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