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Conservation Areas & Loft Conversion

March 19, 2017

Read on for more information about conservation areas and loft conversion.

What is a conservation area?

Usually every local authority borough will have areas of a variety of sizes that planners from the council mark as “special interest” usually for a historical reason or on architectural merit.

These areas are preserved and marked for preservation and from thereon known as a “conservation area”.

Conservation areas do crop up from time to time and they can’t be ignored for legal reasons.

What is the purpose of a conservation area?

These areas usually have an architectural or historic characteristic that warrants preservation (as deemed by the local council).

It is a system of protection and preservation for areas of architectural or historical interest.

Every local authority council has planning protocols to advise Builders and Architects as to what is allowed and what is not in terms of loft conversions, home extensions and general building works.

If my area is a conservation area does that automatically mean I cannot have a loft conversion?

Not necessarily, generally speaking it should be okay for you to have a loft conversion if the conversion is architecturally and technically viable, it does generally mean you will have to apply for planning permission (due to the conservation area this would not generally fall under “permitted development”).

It is possible to obtain permission to have your loft conversion built in this instance.

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Obtaining Planning Permission For My Loft Conversion In A Conservation Area?

There is no universal resource to check for information about conservation areas, the best way to handle the issue of such regulation and legislation is to look for expert help from experienced professionals.

You should seek out the help of an architect (we can also help you with this if you contact us using the form on the homepage “request a free quote”).

You need the help of an expert specialist in order to obtain planning permission as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with us for more help on that.

Anything Else I Should Know?

When dealing with conservation areas & attic conversion, you should note that every area has different guidelines and regulations in relation to conservation areas.

It is necessary to get an architect on board whom has knowledge of the local area and the regulations and rules, so you can fast-track to planning applications as quickly as possible.

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