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Different Options For Loft Conversions: Which Suits Your Home Best?

January 21, 2017

There are several different types of loft conversions you can have carried out to your Bristol home, however certain properties have loft conversions that are better suited to certain types of loft conversion, below we provide insight into what kinds of properties are best for which conversion by type.

1/ Terraced Houses – popular type of housing found in built up residential areas all over the United Kingdom (Including Bristol and surrounding areas). People with terraced housing should consider a mansard loft conversion due to the structure of the conversion making it so the roof doesn’t encroach on the neighbouring properties in the area.

Example Mansard Conversion:

 Bristol Mansard Loft

It is also possible to do a velux loft conversion in a terraced house, but many people would opt against a dormer conversion or a hip to gable as they would often look out of place on a terraced property.

2/ Semi-Detached Houses – Again another commonly seen property type all over the United Kingdom. Semi-Detached homes usually opt for a dormer loft conversion or a “hip to gable” loft conversion because they can fit neatly on the roof, velux conversions are also popular on semi detached homes.

Example Of A Dormer:

Bristol Dormer Loft

3/ Detached houses – Yet another popular type of house. Detached houses can usually opt for any kind of loft conversion they wish (lofts are typically constructed to meet the requirements of the property in question).

Hip to Gable, Dormer, Mansard and Velux can all work well within a detached home, it is a good idea to consult with an architect or a building project manager to ascertain which is the best aesthetically for your particular house.

Regardless of the type of house there is usually a solution for you enabling you to expand upward in your property in a safe, effective way.

How about bungalows?

It can be possible to convert a loft in a bungalow but it is recommended you seek specialist advice from us for further guidance.

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