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Loft Conversion Vs. Basement Conversion: Which Is Best?

October 6, 2016

One of the most important decisions you need to make when you want to create a new space for your home is which route you are willing to choose. The two most hotly debated options are going up or going down.

I am pretty sure you know where I am getting at which is having a basement conversion or a loft one. And choosing one can be a real doozy, it is not as if this is like Minecraft where you can just build and rebuild at will.

Construction will cost a significant chunk of your money and it would definitely be wise to choose with caution which you will like to go with.

Truth be told, there are different pros and cons with either one and you will probably be left with choosing which one fits for you best. So are you ready to know if you are a basement guy or a loft person?

There is only one way to find out, below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of both:

1. It is definitely tempting to go the basement conversion route when it comes to creating space for your home. This is especially exciting when you see those super basement conversions on social media and on house renovation reality shows. And it is true in some respect, basement conversions are really magnificent once all the pieces fit. Here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to basement conversion.


• Since basements do not have to deal with slanted roofs, the space that is constructed is typically more spacious. No wonder we see so many basements turned into home theaters, large game rooms, and even indoor swimming pools. Another thing is if height is an issue when securing permits, then a basement conversion would be a great way to go if you really need extra space.

• If you are thinking that having more space means more construction, then you are on to something. Construction of a basement will normally cost more money but can offer you more value in return.


• A basement can feel stuffy as little light will pass through it from the outside

• As stated above, a basement conversion will most likely cost you more money. Not only is more work required (which will also make your house almost unlivable for the duration of construction) you will need really good renovators to make sure that there wouldn’t be any leaks to the basement.

There is no denying the beauty of a loft conversion. The only way to really describe it is that is like a fresh breath of air. A lot of homeowners are going this route for a myriad of reasons. And if you are serious about improving the space in your home then you should definitely check out various loft conversions so you will know what I am talking about. Here are the pros and cons when dealing with loft conversions:


• A loft conversion is definitely a good option if you are dealing with a tight budget. Most of the structure is already in place and it does not deal with other intricate piping issues like in a basement conversion.

• Loft conversions are a much prettier site to behold than your typical basement conversion. A lot of light will pour in from windows as well as the ability to have doors that lead to a small veranda.

• Construction time of a loft conversion is normally faster than that of its subterranean counterpart.


• The space that is opened up in loft conversions is typically much less than a basement conversion.

• Most neighborhoods have height restrictions that could impede your loft construction work.

• A bad looking loft job can be unsightly to the look of you house

There you go, the pros and cons of both loft and basement conversions. As with most of these debates, the only answer would always depend on one’s current status and preference. If you have time, cash to spare, and in need of a larger space then I suggest you go the basement route. But if you are a bit cash strapped and need a suitable space that is much pleasing to the eye, then do check out loft conversions.

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