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Are Bristol Basement Conversions A Good Option?

September 17, 2016

A basement conversion whether it is in Bristol or somewhere else in the UK, can be a very worthwhile investment for any property developer or homeowner.

Good Points About Bristol Basement Conversion

1/ Maximises the value of your house, much like loft conversions in Bristol it can increase the value of a property by around 25% meaning that any property worth around £250,000 after a basement conversion is completed could be then worth around £312,500.

2/ Increases any usable space on an existing property, this enables individuals to have extra room in order to have either storage or functional room space, common uses for a basement/cellar conversion include the following but not limited to:

An extra bedroom
A study room
A home gym
A games’ room
A home cinema or movie room

Making it all in all a very attractive proposition once they are constructed, and not only that, once done to specification cellar conversions can look absolutely spectacular.

3/ Often More spacious than a loft conversion, due to the shape of the room they can give you more additional usable space as compared to a loft, however a cellar conversion can be more expensive than a loft conversion, so you should balance that fact with the potential benefits (Cellar vs Attic).

Basement conversions are a good option for you if you:

A) have around £30,000-£40,000 to invest
B) have a need for a substantial amount of increased usable space
C) would like to have a large room for use of a specific purpose, i.e additional basement reception, or dining area, or games’ room/cinema.

If you would like help with this kind of task at any stage, be it planning, or the build of the project, or even if you are looking for some guidance or inspiration, feel free to contact us in relation to this, we would be delighted to handle your basement project.

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