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What Happens If I’m Refused Planning Permission?

September 16, 2016

If You Are Refused Planning Permission For A Loft Conversion In Bristol

If you are refused planning permission for your Bristol loft, there are some options:

1/ You can submit revised plans to the local authority, this gives you another opportunity to submit a project to your local planning department for a re-assessment, oftentimes this can be the answer because there may only be a minor objection to certain components of your project.

2/ You can look into alternatives to the project you have submitted, for example, some people want planning permission for a Bristol mansard loft conversion and yet the local authority won’t grant them the permission for it, but upon reconsideration you may decide that a dormer loft conversion would be more appropriate for your needs, and you may be much more likely to receive planning permission for that as a project.

3/ If there is a time-related reason for your planning permission not to be granted, for example, if there are local properties about to be demolished then it might be worth just waiting out the time and resubmitting your planning request

4/ Consulting with the architect/project manager/building company, there is no substitute for quality advice from experienced professionals, if you would like guidance from Bristol based loft conversions experts, visit our homepage and get in touch for a free quote and assessment of your loft conversion project.

If you are refused planning permission for a Basement Conversion In Bristol

If you are refused planning permission for a Bristol basement conversion points 1, 3 and 4 above all apply, however if there are structural adjustments that need to be made this may require a lot of patience or a rethink of the approach.

Your best option is to consult with industry experts to gain an insight into what would be appropriate for your property.

To get expert guidance regards planning permission on a loft or basement project, get in touch with us for more information.

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