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Quick Tip: Make Sure You’re Clear On Your Preferences For Your Bristol Loft

September 13, 2016

One of the key things when beginning to undertake any kind of loft conversion, (in this case in Bristol) it is very important to be clear on your preferences.

Why Is This So Important?

True story: there was once a family in Bristol (out of courtesy shall not be named, lovely people) that decided they wanted to have a dormer conversion with natural modern furniture, meaning that they would have the full dormer loft conversion, in addition to a full fit out with furniture sourced at additional expense on top of the construction of the room (we took care of assembly and made sure that the job was good).

The loft was due to be completed internally during the period of time that a certain family member was on holiday and the completion was intended as a surprise.

The unsuspecting family member then returned home, visited the house, only to find that there had been a huge misunderstanding, all of the furniture was the wrong pick, and whilst the individual was on holiday abroad, they were ordering furniture online for the loft conversion back in Bristol. Needless to say there was a lot of upheaval from there on in, but the lesson in this is simple: be clear on your preferences and communicate clearly with each other prior to undertaking a loft or basement conversion.

Luckily with a lot of patience (and some additional costs in labor the issues were resolved with relative ease and eventually (two days later than planned previously) the loft conversion was completed and it was an amicable solution with all parties involved happy.

Clarity of communication and knowing exactly what you want from your loft conversion is very important, make sure to ask questions in relation to anything you’re unsure on, make sure that you have your plans for the interior laid out and that everyone is clear and understanding of what is expected to happen, because projects of this magnitude can get out of hand if the communication is not up to scratch, the above example is a minor issue but there have been worse misunderstandings.

Please pay heed to the above when converting a loft space in Bristol.

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