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The Importance Of Engaging An Architect Before Starting The Loft Conversion

September 12, 2016

The architect serves an important role in any Bristol loft conversion or Bristol Basement Conversion

Why Is An Architect So Important For A Bristol Loft Or Basement?

An architect will have the knowledge, experience and ability to plan a loft conversion or basement conversion, from the very start, through to completion.

This is highly important in any project because, with building projects, it’s important that there is a clear, concise, plan that is followed throughout, this means that all of the people involved know exactly what is expected of them, and exactly how the build will play out from start to finish.

The need for this structured planning is obvious: without planning it is very very easy to make a mistake, and a mistake in the case of a loft or basement conversion can be costly.

But there are other reasons why an architect is so important:

1/ There may be occurences where a builder working on a conversion has no experience of the particular structure of a given property, or how the customer wants the property to be extended, there may be issues with the method, the architect can work with a project manager on this & provide insight on how the desired build can be delivered.

2/ Issues of planning permission, usually an architect will be able to provide valuable insight into local authority planning permission and how this can be successfully obtained.

3/ Issues of planning in general, every successful project must follow a clear plan, the architect delivers this plan for the builders and the customer, this is fundamental in order to get things right and followed through with correctly.

If you are thinking about either a loft conversion or a basement conversion and have need of an architect, feel free to reach out to us via the homepage using the “Request A Quote” form to the upper right hand side of the page.

Here at Bristol Conversions, we are willing and able to help you throughout your project and it would be a pleasure to deliver the alterations you are looking for, for your property.

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