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Quick Tip: Get Your Planning Permission Sorted Early

September 12, 2016

An issue for customers that keeps coming up again and again with Bristol loft conversions is the issue of planning permission.

When it comes to gaining planning permission, you need to take care of this issue early on in your project, the reason why is simple. You need to know if you are covered legally before undertaking your building project.

It’s true to say that many loft and basement conversions don’t require planning permission, however you should bear in mind that certain Bristol loft and basement conversions WILL require planning permission.

Getting this taken care of early gives you the peace of mind that once your plans are signed off, you are then free to commission the loft conversion builders that you are looking to work with.

You will have the plans ready to show them and you will be ready to go with the project, no lengthy waiting periods of time to see if your planning is approved, no issues with planning moving forward, (unless you decide to change the plans for the project of course).

Getting planning permission leaves you free to get the project started, the sooner the builders are set to their task, the sooner you can get the Bristol loft conversion (or basement conversion) that you want for your home.

Is planning permission difficult to obtain?

There is no simple answer to this question due to the fact that every project is different in its nature and it’s requirements, however if you contact your local authority with the exact specifications for your loft or basement project (in this case it would be the Bristol Planning Authority) then you will be able to get an answer directly from the people who can give you the best advice on the matter.

(Many loft and basement projects won’t require planning permission but it is imperative that you check first with the local authority).

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